Autonomous Unit for Reconnaissance, Exploration and Understanding of Space


Barcelona Moon Team (BMT) is a multidisciplinary venture which brings together industrial and academic experts, in scientific and technological fields, with the aim of participating in Google Lunar X Prize competition. This competition challenges citizens all over the world to launch a robot to the moon which is able to roam at least 500m over its surface and transmit image, video and data back to the earth. For further details, please refer to the next link.

Nasa’s Space Elevator Challenge

Recens Team answer to X-Prize Competition

Since the year 2005 the Spaceward Foundation [1] in California manages NASA’s annual beam power and tether challenge also called the Space Elevator Games. Being the first implemented contest of NASA’s Centennial Challenges Program the beam power challenge requires designing, building and operating a climber, a machine just powered by a beam of light that can drive up and down a tether ribbon, while carrying a payload. Entries are rated according to the product of payload weight and climbing speed, normalized by the net climber weight. This metric is representative of the throughput of a space transportation system based on the Space Elevator layout.

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